Corporate Responsibility

Asprey acknowledges that its activities have an impact on the environment both locally and globally and are committed to identify the solutions that minimize this impact wherever practicable and with the main aim of reducing our carbon footprint. 

Asprey continues to develop our Environmental and Social Policy towards the use of ethical sourcing and the environmental/social impacts Asprey has to become a more sustainable and responsible business.


Asprey is committed to promoting the responsible, ethical and environmental processes within the diamond industry. Our diamonds are all conflict-free and purchased from a legitimate source adhering to the UN agreement, the Kimberley Process Accord enhancing worldwide efforts to ensure that our precious metals and raw materials come from legitimate, ethical sources and that they have not been associated with crime, conflict or human rights abuse. It is our responsibility and policy to only do business only with legitimate, certified suppliers through all our categories.


Asprey is aware of the emotive and sensitive issues surrounding conservation issues concerning specialist materials used in the production of our Luxury Goods and fully share the concern attached to these matters. 

As we source the finest specialist’s skins and materials it is the upmost priority to ensure that our suppliers conform to the relevant International Legislation. Asprey fully supports the reasons for and efforts behind the Introduction and implementation of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.







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